About Us

RUSAPE EDUCATION offers 3 learning suites: MST or STEM online schooling for students in matric and re-writes as well as grade 4 to 12 in various subjects.

The Graduate program provides support to any undergraduates doing demanding modules, this in collaboration with universities.

The Corporate & Occupational courses in management, finances, ICT and on-the-job trainings for employees seeking to upgrade themselves.

Being INSETA-accredited, we also offer insurance courses as well as mathematical and financial literacy as bridging courses. We cater for learners from different educational backgrounds to afford students the highest quality of online education from the luxury of your homes. We support you on every step of your academic journey – e-learning system, webinars, one-on-one live sessions, forums, e-assessment, tutorials. Our learning management platform utilizes intuitive educational technologies that afford accessible, flexible, affordable online education revolutionalising the learning experience.